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/ 2017

Beneath The Surface


Seon uses the silkscreen medium to create a multitude of different shapes and colours that overlap to produce a space of illusion. The conglomeration of tiny shapes created by the silkscreen process gives form and movement to the beans that are central to Seon’s artwork. This motion, as well as the various shapes apparent in the prints, makes it seem as if the beans themselves are whispering; burden thoughts and emotions hidden in the beans are translated into colours. In these prints, Seon tries to bring out what is ignored in relation to ourselves and to reveal the beauty of what lies hidden inside one: the dormant feelings and emotions of a person that no-one thinks of facing, or even acknowledging. This series is an attempt to draw awareness to this illusion, and to show how even small things can have strength. 

© 2013 by Seon. All copy rights reserved.

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