Solo Exhibition

2013 SOCIETE GENERALE Gallery At Alliance Française de Singapour, 25 May-12 June, Singapore

Group Exhibitions

2017  Salon d’Automne, 11-15 October, Paris

2017  Galerie Pont des Arts, "Commémoration des trois ans du naufrage du ferry Sewol" 19-21 May, Paris

2017  Salon des Beaux-Arts de Garches, 13-28 May, Paris

2017  Singapore Contemporary, Galerie BIEN, 19-22, January, Singapore

2016  Macparis, Manifestation d’Art Contemporain, 24-27 November, Paris

2016  ART Daegu, Galerie BIEN, 02-06 November, Daegu

2016  AAF, Galerie J&J, 09-11 September, Seoul

2016  ART BUSAN, Galerie Bruno Massa, 19-23 May, Busan

2016  AAF, Galerie Bruno Massa, 17-20 March, Milan

2016  Galerie Bettina Von Arni, B comme Bleu, 15 January-12 March, Paris

2015  ART KAOHSIUNG, Galerie Bruno Massa, 11-13 December, Taiwan

2015  Macparis, Manifestation d’Art Contemporain, 26-29 November, Paris

2014  Choi & Lager project "82-33-44" Group exhibition of Korean artists, 13-28 June, Paris 

2014  Gallery Metanoia, 28 March-10 April, Paris

2013  ART APART FAIR, 05-07 July, Singapore

2012  LASALLE College of the Arts, Project Space, May, Singapore

1999  Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, June, London


2017 2nd Prize, Salon des Beaux-Arts de Garches, 13 May, Paris


2017  Cité Internationale des Arts, April 2017-March 2018, Paris 

Work Experience

2012 - 2013  Art Therapy International Centre, Singapore

2011 - 2012  Mindmatters Psychology Practice, Singapore

2011 - 2011  Vita Clinic, Singapore

2008 - 2009  Fiveform pte ltd, Singapore

2004 - 2007  GRID (GRaphic IDentity), London

1999 - 2002  Interbrand, London


2010 - 2012  Masters in Art Therapy, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

1996 - 1999  BA(Hons) Graphic Design, Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London

1995 - 1996  Foundation Course, Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London

1992 - 1994  Tokyo Kogakuin College of Technology Computer Graphics Specialized Courses of Arts, Tokyo

/ Biography

Seon was  born in Seoul South Korea. She has an MA in Art Psychotherapy at Lasalle College of the Arts in

Singapore and also holds a BA in Graphic Design & Communication from Central Saint Martins College of Art

and Design, in London, UK.

Seon’s work experience includes a career in the branding industry in London with Interbrand, as well as an independent consultant. Her career kindled a passion and desire for the arts and psychology, which led to the

pursuit of her Master of Arts (Art Therapy) program at Lasalle after moving to Singapore. Seon’s clinical

experiences in Singapore have facilitated her to see the healing power of art therapy through the use of various

media and the non-intrusive stance of an art therapist.

She chose to study art therapy in order to examine and analyse her own life.  As she continued her professional

career and reflected on her childhood, she realized that life and its circumstances influence each individual both positively and negatively. The key to overcoming blind negativity and truly growing up is to consciously recognize

and embrace the illumination of positivity. Only then can one channel past negative energy towards a positive

outcome in similar circumstances that may occur in the future.  This concept is the foundation of Seon’s“ shirubean” series.

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