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/ 2015 

Beneath The Surface

Seon expresses thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are aroused through life as elements and principles of sculptural form, with Hanji relief, installation art, etc. The psychological characteristics of the sculptural elements help to express the unconscious through the working process and further, bring help to the inner healing. Each work is done by an iterative approach, and this draws to the cohesion of excluded emotions through forgiveness and acceptance. It captures the movements of the memory’s afterimage that is present in Seon’s consciousness and unconsciousness, and constructs a sculptural work that combines traditional Korean media and technique. The exploration of plasticity through traditional media and technique accords with the exploration of Seon's inner space.

_"There yet not there"

Seon focuses on discovering what is buried deep in the subconscious. Seon connects with her subconscious mind through her artwork, which expresses the relationship between what is there yet simultaneously not there. In our minds, there exist thoughts that we are unaware of and thus are inexistent to our conscious state. The act of trying to catch this foggy subconscious even partially is considered as a beauty in itself, a beauty of self-reflection. This refined beauty helps her experience inner healing.

© 2013 by Seon. All copy rights reserved.

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