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The philosophy behind Seon’s art is the making of a conscious choice to accept one’s emotions; by acknowledging them, whatever they may be, we can channel their energy for positive purposes. She believes that each person possesses a handful of golden or optimal experiences, whether they may be forgotten, ignored, or even unrecognized. This optimal experience is not always positive. However, as we continue with life and ups and downs, every day’s reality absorbs us and it can be easy for us to lose sight of the true meaning of these experiences.


Seon explores how to transform the emotions preserved in our memories into a positive energy, which can be harnessed to become a motive for a new life. Using mediums such as porcelain, photography, and Korean rice paper, she conveys her message of the “light of existence” through the seeds and sprouts visible in her “shirubean” series. Seon sees the “shirubean” to be the driving force and stimulus of her life. She uses small seeds as a symbolic medium and tries to communicate with us who live in an unstable society.

Seon's experience of living overseas for a long period of her life motivated her research on memories driven by her longing for her Korean roots. The Shirubean series is an expression of her emotional awareness, conceived after careful reflection of her experiences and the confrontation of her suppressed feelings. After realising the importance of emotions, Seon seeks to ask if and how, in this accelerating society, we are aware of our various emotions that are vital to life.


Seon invites us to experience her inner world indirectly by showing the overall work under the representative theme of the "Shirubean series". This opportunity to experience and explore the subconscious leads us to expand and adapt our understanding of our emotions. Seon’s intention for this journey is to incite the viewers to face each one of their emotions and in this way allow them to project and visualize their emotions onto the artwork. The rediscovery of new aspects of emotion allows for an opportunity to find an element of harmony within oneself. With a focus on consciousness, subconscious and unconsciousness, and through the use of the psychological art therapy method, Seon guides the viewers into a world in which emotions are accessible and resolvable. 


Seon believes that, in everyone's sadness, pain, and longing there is an enlightening fundamental power inside, and that this raw energy can sometimes be harnessed to heal our wounds. It is therefore necessary to care for each of these forces as if it were a tiny sprout or a newborn baby, as we observe the energy blooming from inside. Sometimes this energy is hidden or distorted by colliding with reality. Yet by revealing the hidden and distorted, Seon expresses how one begins the healing process: it is when we face our entangled emotions that we take our first step to approach the “light of existence”. This becomes a positive energy, creating life's new motives.

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